Not another ToDo app?

I've always wondered why ToDo apps are so stuck on lists. The Eisenhower Box ('four quadrants') is a much better idea but hardly anyone uses it. What I've always wanted though, was a 3D plot of my tasks. Since no one has built one yet (that I know of), I thought I'd do it myself.

This is very much an experiment — I don't know if anyone will find it useful, but it is fun to play with. There is also a traditional list view (boring, but works well on small screens), and a 2D view (very useful).

Feedback is very much appreciated.


  1. Add items using the form. Use the sliders to set the task's importance, urgency, and the effort required.
  2. Rotate the 3D view by scrolling (mouse wheel or trackpad), dragging (mouse) or using the arrow keys.
  3. Do all the things!


Your ToDo items are stored locally in your browser and are never sent to our server. We collect some aggregate user statistics (visits, usage, etc.), but no personal data is collected or stored.


Built with vanilla JS (no frameworks), with CSS-3D for the display, and local storage for data.

Known bugs: